Problem gambling counselling

Do you have a client that has identified as being affected by gambling?

Here is some useful information about therapeutic counselling and referring clients into the Gambler's Help program.

Gambler's Help provide face-to-face and telephone counselling and financial counselling services and has around 100 locations throughout the metropolitan area and across regional Victoria. For further information and advice please contact your local Gambler's Help agency listed below which can link you to a site which is convenient for your client.

You or your client can also contact the Gamblers Help Line for information and support on 1800 858 858. Gambler's Help Line is available 24 hours per day and all services are free and confidential. Gambler's Help Line can also link you into your local Gambler's Help face-to-face counselling services.

What is Gambler's Help therapeutic counselling?

Gambler's Help therapeutic counselling incorporates a range of face-to-face and telephone services, including:

  • assessment
  • case planning
  • therapeutic interventions
  • practical assistance
  • crisis management
  • case and service management
  • advocacy and coordination
  • referral
  • secondary consultation

Gambler's Help therapeutic counselling is case planned and tailored to your client's individual needs.

Making referrals to Gambler's Help

Many clients will feel uncomfortable about calling Gambler's Help services. As a Health and Welfare professional you can encourage them to make contact with the service by reassuring your client that the service is free and confidential, and that it is connected to mainstream health and welfare services.

Consider sitting with your client while they make the call to Gambler's Help if this makes them feel more comfortable and supported. It is also important to follow up on your referral to see how things went.

If your client requires continued support through your service for other issues, try to work cooperatively with Gambler's Help services as much as possible.

What if my client refuses a referral to Gambler's Help services?

If your client cannot be persuaded to attend Gambler's Help services, then your local Gambler's Help providers are able to work collaboratively with you and the client. This allows the client to maintain their primary relationship with you, whilst also receiving a specialist gambling service.

Contact your local Gambler's Help service to explore the most appropriate response.

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