Practice guidelines

Practice guidelines for cross-sector collaboration coverTo promote and support collaboration, the Bouverie Centre has developed a set of practice guidelines with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and in consultation with Victorian Gambler's Help services.

The Practice guidelines for cross-sector collaboration between health and welfare agencies and Gambler's Help outline five principles for collaboration and provide practical examples of creative ways in which Victorian Gambler's Help services have implemented effective cross-sector collaboration within the broader health and human services system.

While initially developed with practitioners in mind, the guidelines are also relevant for managers and organisations who wish to improve outcomes for clients by working holistically across services.

Download the practice guidelines (PDF - 216.8 KB)

Explore the principles and additional case examples of successful collaboration.

Agencies who enter into cross-sector collaboration may also find the Bouverie Centre's evaluation tools (PDF - 282.6 KB) useful to assist in gathering feedback and evaluating their work.

The guidelines draw on evidence outlined in Cross-sector collaboration: Implications for Gambler's Help (PDF - 828.3 KB), a background paper published by the Bouverie Centre and the foundation.

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