Benefits of cross-sector collaboration

For clients

  a more responsive service that has the capacity to address a range of inter-related issues

√  increased accessibility to services

decrease in service overlap and the need for clients to repeat information

an easier and more efficient pathway through services

For agencies

√  improved accountability; more efficient distribution of resources

  more efficient cross-sector communication pathways

  achieving continuity of care

  ensuring responsibility and accountability

  co-ordinating the planning and delivery of resources for the benefit of service users

For practitioners

  pool of knowledge and expertise enabling creative problem-solving

  an increase in staff morale resulting from a decrease in isolation

  a sense of common purpose

  improved cross-sector communication

The benefits of cross-sector collaboration are explored in more detail in the Cross-sector collaboration: Implications for Gambler's Help background paper (PDF - 828.3 KB).

For practical examples of successful collaboration, explore the principles for cross-sector collaboration and download the Practice guidelines for cross-sector collaboration (PDF - 216.8 KB).

The Professional Development Centre has a range of training and development opportunities.

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