Indigenous Services for Victorians

Two state wide services are available to meet the needs of Indigenous communities

Victorian Aboriginal Health Services

Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) delivers specialist gambling support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. This includes counselling to help your client deal with a gambling problem, or financial counselling to help them get their finances back on track.  Help is available and is free and confidential.

This support is available via telephone or face-to-face, and is provided by the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) in Fitzroy and Preston.

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Victorian Aboriginal Community Services Association Ltd (VACSAL)

Victorian Aboriginal Community Services Association (VACSAL) helps build capacity for Gambler's Help services. The aim is to raise awareness, empower and build the capacity of Indigenous communities to both prevent and respond to problem gambling issues on a local basis and work closely with both Aboriginal communities and Gambler's Help Services to achieve this.The Victorian Aboriginal Gambling Awarness Service (VAGAS) has been establised to:

  • Increase awareness of problem gambling and support available – including ways to reduce risk and support each other
  • Support Koorie organisations who need better access to counseling services – and promote awareness of existing support services through new Koorie designed promotional materials
  • Support community organisations who are interested in running projects or community education initiatives to prevent or better manage problem gambling, and
  • Help communities build and improve relationships and support networks from Gambler's Help Services across Victoria.

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Fight for you challenge

The Professional Development Centre has a range of training and development opportunities.

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