Kate Roberts

Executive Officer, Gambling Impact Society NSW

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Drawing on her personal experience, Kate Roberts has developed a five step process for supporting people with a loved one who is experiencing gambling problems with Professor Jim Orford. The five step program involves listening, identifying useful information, coping styles, social networks, service support and referrals.

Kate Roberts


Kate Roberts is a senior, AASW accredited Mental Health Social Worker and RGF Accredited Problem Gambling Counsellor Supervisor.  Kate has a 30 year background as a health practitioner and consultant adult educator. She has extensive experience in clinical social work, casework, counselling, group work, community development, project management, health promotion, research and professional education.

For the past 15 years she has been involved in working with gambling issues as a community development worker, educator, problem gambling counsellor and community advocate. She was founding chairperson (and now Executive Officer) of the Gambling Impact Society (NSW).

Kate has worked in both government and non- government sectors in Great Britain and Australia and is a member of the Australian Association of Social Work and National Association of Gambling Studies. Kate is currently completing a PhD in Gambling Studies at Monash University.

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