Innovation in treatment

Helping people with gambling problems means providing effective and responsive care delivered by trained professionals. 

At our Many ways to help conference, we explored the latest in innovative treatment therapies to enhance the knowledge and skills of counsellors, clinicians and support workers. 

Why focus on treatment?

Problem gambling is a very specific and specialised area of counselling and treatment.

It is undoubtedly complex, not only for the individual and their families concerned, but also for the health professionals who help them.  

The foundation is committed to working with health professionals across Victoria to assist them in giving their clients the best possible care and support. 


Explore the presentations on treatment approaches from the Many ways to help conference.

The Many Helpers

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Meet the Experts

Watch our 'Meet the Experts' series to catch up on some of the latest treatment approaches and the inspiring minds behind them.

Fight for you challenge

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