For professionals

The focus of our professional development centre is to provide learning and development opportunities for all Gambler's Help staff and professionals in related sectors. We provide information and resources to help health and welfare professionals identify people with gambling problems experiencing harm from their own, or a significant other's, gambling and more effectively respond to their needs.

The professional development centre also runs clinical projects and translates foundation research into practice.

Upcoming training and development opportunities

The Professional Development Centre has a range of interesting training opportunities coming up to support Gambler's Help and other healthcare professionals in delivering services to their clients.

Identifying and understanding the problem

There are several considerations for health and welfare professionals when identifying and assessing clients who may be experiencing harm from their gambling.

What is Gambler's Help?

Gambler's Help is a free and confidential service that offers a range of specialised counselling services to people experiencing harm from their gambling as well as their families.

Referring clients into Gambler's Help services

We guide you through the steps to take to refer your client into a Gambler's Help service.

The Professional Development Centre has a range of training and development opportunities.

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