Prevention projects for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities

Our prevention grants for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities aims to raise awareness, within CALD communities, about the risks associated with gambling, promote help-seeking and provide alternative recreational activities, as a means to prevent or reduce gambling harm.

Research shows that while CALD communities in developed countries tend to gamble less than the overall population, those who do gamble are more likely to experience harm:

  • they experience higher degrees of social isolation and therefore vulnerability to gambling harm
  • stigma and shame create considerable barriers to help seeking.

The foundation is providing small grants to fund local initiatives within Victoria’s CALD communities, including both emerging and established communities.

2018 CALD Prevention projects

Addressing Problem Gambling in the Serbian Community (Serbian Community Association of Australia)The project aims raise awareness within the Serbian community about gambling harm by providing information in Serbian regarding the risks associated with gambling. This information will be disseminated by delivering 10 information sessions and the development of in language resources. The project will also use Serbian language media including radio and print to further raise awareness of gambling harm. Six social alternative recreational activities will also be organised to address social isolation within the Serbian community.

By New Settlers for New Settlers (BNS4NS) - Enabling New Settlers to guide & inspire a service system to meet their needs (Migrant Resource Centre North West Region)This project will deliver a series of monthly information sessions/workshops from May to November 2018 aimed at newly arrived refugee and asylum seeker communities in the North and West of Melbourne. In collaboration with community leaders, multilingual information will be provided online and in printed form material, along with the face to face workshop sessions.

CALD Gambling Prevention for Vietnamese (Australian Vietnamese Women's Association)This project will raise awareness of gambling harm within the Vietnamese community by working in partnership with LINK Health and Community, through the THREE SIDES OF THE COIN project, to organise a series of 10-12 creative workshops in both English and Vietnamese. These will in turn lead to the development of 2-4 theatre performances aimed at reducing stigma associated with gambling harm and to encourage help seeking.

Don't bet on it (Ethnic Community Broadcasting Association of Victoria)The Ethnic Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, using the station 3ZZZ, will run a targeted media campaign directed at CALD communities of Melbourne, including radio commercials, interviews with prevention specialists and interviews with people who have had difficulties with their gambling.

Gambling - Secret No More (Australian Greek Welfare Society)The project will deliver a series of bilingual forums twice a month for 10 months to the Greek community, with professionals including GP’s, mental health, gambling, financial counsellors and a mathematician at two different locations. The panel will answer questions from participants based on panel members’ expertise and lived experience, with a target of at least 1,000 participants.

Know the Odds (Victorian Arabic Social Services)The program will use weekly meetings (a combination to workshops and activities) targeted at Arabic speaking young people under 30 years. The educational sessions focus on different topics, such as; social isolation, the difficulties of resettlement in Australia, stigma of help-seeking/where to find help, navigating Australian society, the dangers of online gambling and gaming, the impact of trauma and other influences that place community members at risk of gambling harm

Pleasure for Leisure; Recreational/Social Club for AS people wanting to have fun and learn (Arabic Welfare)The project will work with newly arrived (Iraqi/Syrian) refugees/migrants of diverse Arabic speaking backgrounds that have recently settled in Northern Metropolitan Melbourne. Participants will receive early prevention education in their early settlement stage, but also will work with the culturally powerful language of ‘stigma’ to ensure that help-seeking behaviours are strengthened.

Prevention through Education, Inclusion and Engagement (Somali Australian Council of Victoria)In consultation with community leaders, the project will deliver eight community forums as well as seek to form partnerships with mainstream service providers. The project also seeks to train leaders within the Somali community in West Heidelberg to support prevention related strategies within their area.

Simulated Gambling Games & Adolescence (Geelong Ethnic Communities Council – Diversitat)Diversitat will conduct a series of seven workshops with three separate sets of adults – community leaders, bilingual workers and community development workers. Participants will be directly related to adolescents engaged in gaming culture and their subsequent exposure to gambling. The aim of the workshops is to raise awareness of simulated gambling within online games and gaming for adults in the CALD community and promote a broader understanding of the dangers that these games present for adolescents, families and the wider community.

Tackling Problem Gambling in the Cambodian Community in the City of Greater Dandenong (Cambodian Association Victoria)Through four community forums, the project will raise awareness about the risks associated with gambling within at least 100 leaders and members of the Cambodian community living in the City of Greater Dandenong and surrounding areas, particularly amongst older people over the age of 55. This will be followed by six social interactions events, which will encourage social connections in non-gambling environments for at least 500 Cambodian community members, and six training sessions, to build capacity of at least 10 Cambodian senior citizens to become gambling case workers, capable of raising awareness and reaching out to affected community members

The GAME: Gambling Aware, for Multicultural Empowerment (Albury Wodonga Ethnic Communities Council)In consultation with the target communities, the project will train a number of community members as “gambling aware champions” who will then help to deliver a number of workshops which aim to inform CALD communities on how gambling works, how to identify problem gambling and what they can do about it. The project also aims to raise awareness of gambling harms through development, translation and/or dissemination of print and online resources

Vietnamese group in Action (Springvale Indo-Chinese Mutual Assistance Association)The “Vietnamese Group in Action” project will establish a new group that aims to recruit people who are at risk of gambling behaviours to learn to take photos, using a camera and video equipment and participate in monthly information sessions.

Further information

For more information about the Prevention Partnership Program, please contact:

Phone (03) 9452 2600

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