Prevention Partnership Program workshops

On the 20 and 22 February, the foundation held two informative and interactive events for groups interested in applying for the grants. These were co-facilitated by the foundation and Doing Something Good.

The Preventing Harm from Gambling Unconference, held on the 20 February,aimed to build a shared understanding of key issues and challenges around reducing and preventing gambling-related harms. The program included group discussions through a World Café and Open Space session, as well as presentations from the foundation on the gambling context in Victoria, prevalence and risk factors.

The Innovation in Service Design Workshop, held on the 22 February, guided attendees through a design challenge, building skills and knowledge to support the development of their project ideas, for the Prevention Partnerships Program grants.

If you were unable to attend one or both of these events, key documents and a summary of all sessions from the unconference and the workshop will be posted here on the foundation’s website. Please click this link to request notifications to be sent out to you when the summaries are available.

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