Help in other languages


Gambling affects people in many different ways. If you need help, you want to be able to talk to someone who speaks your language. At Gambler's Help, we provide free and confidential support in English, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese, so you can talk to us in the language you prefer.

عربى (Arabic)

中文繁體 (Traditional Chinese)

中文简体 (Simplified Chinese)

Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

In-language Counselling (English)

We also offer useful information translated into Spanish, Turkish, Greek and Italian.

Español (Spanish)

Türkçe (Turkish)

Ελληνικά (Greek)

Italiano (Italian)

While many of our services are in English, you can call Gambler's Help on 1800 858 858 and we can arrange an interpreter for free.

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