Information for staff

Warning signs of a possible gambling problem

  • gamble to avoid dealing with problems or disappointments
  • spend more time gambling than with family and friends
  • skip work or study to gamble
  • think about gambling every day
  • gamble to win money, not just for fun
  • gamble to win back money lost by gambling
  • feel depressed because of gambling
  • lie or keep secrets about gambling
  • borrow money to gamble
  • gamble for longer periods of time than originally planned
  • gamble until every dollar is gone
  • lose sleep due to thinking about gambling
  • try to stop gambling, but can't.
  • break the law to get money to gamble
  • become moody when trying to stop or cut down on gambling
  • don't pay bills and use the money for gambling instead
  • try to increase the excitement of gambling by placing bigger bets
  • argue with family and friends about gambling or to have an excuse to go out and gamble

Any one of these things might be a sign that you or someone you know might have an issue with gambling.

Even if you're just a bit worried about your gambling or someone else's, it's a good idea to get help for gambling sooner rather than later.

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