Self-exclusion programs

A self-exclusion program is a service offered by the gaming industry to people who wish to ban themselves from gaming rooms in clubs and hotels around Victoria.

Currently, there are two self-exclusion programs available for gaming venues in Victoria. These are administered by the Australian Hotels Association and Community Clubs Victoria. Gambler's Help also offer support to those practising self-exclusion. 

For information about these programs, please contact the relevant organisation below:

Australian Hotels Association (AHA)

Direct all enquiries about the Association's self-exclusion program to (03) 9654 3491 (24 hour, 7 day message service) or email

Community Clubs Victoria

Direct all enquires about the Community Clubs Victoria's self-exclusion program brochures to (03) 8851 4949 or email

Gambler's Help

Gambler's Help services also offer support to those going through the self-exclusion process, call 1800 858 858.

View a list of venues that have adopted a self-exclusion program

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