Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is held annually to raise awareness about the importance of gambling responsibly. The week is a partnership between the foundation and key contributors and local councils, the gaming industry and community groups.

In 2017, Responsible Gambling Awareness Week took place between 23 and 29 October.

Responsible gambling happens on three levels, the individual level, the group or organisation level and the community level.

At an individual level, responsible gambling is about knowing how to gamble responsibly. It's about:

  • knowing the odds and
  • taking breaks
  • setting limits and sticking to them.

At an organisation or venue level, responsible gambling is about creating an environment where responsible gambling is enabled and encouraged by:

  • separating gambling from other activities – particularly those involving children
  • promoting responsible gambling to members, staff and visitors
  • ensuring people who might be experiencing harm know there is help available.

At a community level, it's about making sure everyone knows what responsible gambling is and supporting that behaviour by:

  • sharing responsibility for creating awareness of the risks
  • being responsive to community concerns.

Keep it in check. Keep it well played.