The changing gambling environment

The gambling landscape has evolved in recent years. People no longer experience gambling at a distance; the emergence of new technologies and increased levels of promotion have seen gambling become more accessible than ever.

Cash Back?

Betting promotions such as ‘cash back’ can make betting seem risk-free. They are also designed to encourage further betting.

Gambling Advertising

When gambling promotion is everywhere, it can start to seem as though it’s a normal part of life. It doesn’t have to be.

1 in 6 Ads

Gambling is changing the way kids see sport. Research shows 75 per cent of kids 8 –16 can name one or more sports betting companies and 25 per cent can name four or more.

Victorians lose $2.6 billion each year on the pokies

Pokies continue to account for the majority of gambling losses in Victoria. Over 50 per cent of those experiencing serious gambling harm said the gambling activity they spent the most money on was pokies.


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