Gambler's Help Community Education Program

The foundation supports and funds a network of community organisations across Victoria to deliver Gambler's Help services.

As well as providing treatment services, Gambler's Help organisations deliver health promotion services to:

  • create awareness of the risks associated with problem gambling
  • promote responsible gambling
  • promote local Gambler's Help services
  • prevent problem gambling by addressing the underlying causes.

There are 21 specialist community educators based at Gambler's Help organisations throughout Victoria who provide local community education and prevention activities. These vary across regions and are tailored to local communities, but can include attending community events and providing talks to workplaces, community groups and schools.

Gambler's Help are also members of Primary Care Partnerships that work with community partners on regional health promotion activity.

There are also specialist Provider Education services available for health and welfare professionals as well as the Venue Support Program, which supports staff who work in gambling venues.

To find out more about these community education services near you, contact your local Gambler's Help agency.

Local Gambler's Help agency listing

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