Keep your betting well played

Keeping your betting well played

It’s that moment when you’ve made just the right move. At just the right time. Judged it perfectly, to make the right call. And with that right call comes a sense of pride. Quiet achievement. Satisfaction.

Those moments when you’re about to go that little bit further than you planned when betting, then making the call to keep it in check. That's a well-played moment. Because you've played the game as it’s meant to be played. Measured. In control. In charge. Knowing when to walk away, pass on the next hand, take a break, ignore a friend’s heckling, stick to a limit.

Small victory. Good feeling. Great triumph.

That’s Well Played.

TomTom sets his betting limits
so he's set for the track

Setting a betting limit is a great way to keep track of the money you spend gambling. And when you stick to your limit you’ll have more time and money to do other things in life that you enjoy. Whether it’s saving for something you really want or going on holiday, sticking to your limit is keeping it well played.

Well played Tom

AnnZoe doesn’t put off her friends
for a flutter

Gambling is often seen as a social activity, but it's important to make sure you maintain some balance with the other leisure activities, hobbies or interests in your life. Having the time and money to do other things you enjoy is an important way to keep that balance and keep it well played.

Well played Ann

DaveDave keeps track of the money
he spends betting

Using cash and leaving your cards at home, is a great way to  keep track of how much you are spending. When betting online, think about betting with the money you have, rather than using credit. One way you can set limits and track your spend if you are playing a pokie machine is to use the YourPlay system.

Well played Dave

MaxMax won’t put a multi
before his mates

The way you behave around betting can influence your friends. By not putting off your friends for a punt, you can help them do the same. Remember no amount of knowledge or skill will change your chances of winning. So keep your betting in check and you could be helping out a mate too.

Well played Max

ZoeAnn takes regular breaks
when playing the pokies

Keep your pokie play as an enjoyable activity by taking regular breaks. Taking breaks is a great way to allow you some time to reflect on whether you should keep gambling. When you take a break, try to leave the gambling area altogether rather than just the table, pokie machine or screen.

Well played Zoe

Are you keeping it well played?

Gambling is everywhere these days, so it's easy to assume betting is a normal part of life. But betting can have real consequences. So it can help to know these easy ways to keep our betting in check, and keep it well played. If you've ever felt anxious, guilty, or just uncomfortable after betting, pay attention to your feelings, and remember these tips whenever you need help to keep it well played.

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