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KidBet is a community awareness campaign around youth gambling and sports betting advertising affects on young people.

This page aims to provide supportive information and resources for parents, guardians, and the broader community with a focus on reducing risks.

For information on how to tackle the topic with the young people in your life, download our factsheets below:

Our KidBet campaign features a 12 year old schoolboy promoting a fictional gambling agency 'just for kids' to highlight the risks of gambling for young people.

By deliberately depicting the absurdity of children gambling, the ad seeks to address a misplaced complacency in the community around the issue. To view the ad, visit  

The campaign is part of the foundation's 'Gambling's not a game' youth engagement strategy which responds to community concern over the growing influence of gambling on young people through sport, advertising, online games and social media.

Our 'Gambling's not a game' strategy also includes:

  • An education program for schools, parents and teachers, developed and piloted in 2013 and now being prepared for a wider roll out in 2014 
  • A  program for sporting clubs who can sign up for the Responsible Gambling Charter which provides guidelines on minimising the impact of gambling on children in their clubs  
  • A guide for parents to explain the realities and risks of young people and gambling: What's the big deal? Talking to teens about gambling 
  • A discussion paper presenting the evidence, the issues and the rationale for future action.

Need immediate help?

Young people needing information or advice about gambling can call the Gambler's Help Youthline 1800 262 376. It's free, confidential and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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