Awareness and prevention

To make gambling safer in our state, we want to increase community awareness about both the risks of gambling and the help available to those with a gambling problem.

This is the mission of the foundation's community education and prevention programs.

Spent too much on the punt? We've got a name for that

Feeling bad after splurging a little too much on the punt is a familiar feeling for many of us - especially at this time of year - so we have given that feeling a name – Bet Regret.

Bet Regret is when your heart sinks when you realise you've spent the shopping money on the pokies.

It's when you can't look your partner in the eye because you've blown the special night out money on the pokies.

Our partners helping spread the message

The foundation partners with sporting and public health organisations across Victoria to help us promote responsible gambling.

Gambling's not a game

With growing evidence that young people are gambling, the foundation launched its youth engagement strategy Gambling's not a game to help young people, their parents, teachers and sporting clubs understand the dangers of underage gambling.

  • Liz

    Just new to this but would love to get some inspiration to stop gambling. I am in a really bad place ...

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  • Jack

    I know how everyone is feeling I'm only 24 and been gambling almost daily for around 6 years.

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