What we do

The foundation is here to help people affected by problem gambling, as well as their families and friends. We are also responsible for fostering greater understanding and awareness of the concept of responsible gambling in the wider community. 

Our work can be broadly categoried in to the following areas:

Treatment and support services

Providing high-quality support services to Victorians affected by gambling is one of the foundation's top priorities. We fund a network of organisations across Victoria to deliver integrated problem gambling treatment and support services to people with gambling problems, their families and communities at risk. Our range of services include telephone, face-to-face, online and financial counselling, advice and information.

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Treatment and service system

After six months of in-depth analysis and talking to stakeholders, a new service delivery model was developed to build on the strengths of existing services, increase flexibility and accessibility, improve follow up services and connections with other key health service providers.

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Community education and prevention

Our community education and prevention programs include statewide advertising campaigns, local community education activities, special events like Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, a schools education program and sports program and working with venues to help create safer gambling environments. 

The community education and prevention programs sets out to foster a culture of responsible gambling and increase community understanding of the risks and signs of problem gambling.

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The foundation's innovative research program provides a strong evidence base to help us better understand problem gambling. This knowledge is used to develop effective prevention and intervention strategies.

Our research program includes grant funding for established and early career researchers. We also commission major research projects.  

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Gambling Information Resources Office

We provide information about gambling and its regulation and licence approval processes to the Victorian community through the Gambling Information Resource Office (GIRO). 

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Professional Development Centre

The focus of our professional development centre is to improve clinical services available for gamblers seeking treatment by contributing to the professional development of clinicians.

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Fight for you challenge

The foundation's 2014-2015 Annual Report was tabled in the Victorian Parliament on Thursday, 22 October 2015.

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