Video transcript: Robert and Conny's story

Conny: I hid my gambling problem really well from the family. The girls knew, they knew, but Robert didn't know. He didn't believe them when they told him.

Robert: I basically accused them of lying. Well, look, she'd never lied to me in her life. sometimes she'd come home and I'd say 'oh the girls reckon you've been at the pokies' 'Oh yeah, I did, but you know I only spent you know twenty dollars just to sort of you know see have a bit of a flutter and then I came home.'

Ok, I believed that. But I  didn't realize until afterwards how much money she'd lost. Also the problem is that I've got two daughters that are really angry with me. And the biggest problem was to try and get their trust back. Try and relate to them and say 'look I am sorry, I do apologise, you were right'

Conny: I'm still finding out now to this day just how badly it affected him. He's not, he keeps things hidden. He was angry even for a long time afterwards which I didn't realise. He hid that really well. Trust, he lost trust in me and hid that as well. I didn't see that. 

Robert: And it wasn't until I met one of Conny's counsellors and he sat down with me one day coz I said to him, 'you know, it'd be nice if they'd have been some help for me' and he said  'Robert, there is'. 

It's about time that people did start to realise that, look, it's not just the gambler that's affected, it's everybody else. The best thing you can do is, get help.

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